Editorial Rates

It is often hard to put a value to creative work, and some editors face this challenge. Depending on an editor’s competence and skill, she can command fair to high rates. Rates may also be determined by the nature of the work, the project timeline for delivery, and the degree of expertise required for the project, among other things.

It is common for freelancers to set their own fees to work with independent clients. Therefore, we have presented a range of fees that editors can use as a rough guideline. It is important to note that publishers set their own standard fees to commission freelancers on projects. It is also important to note that private clients sometimes have a budget to execute a project. Editors should inquire if there is a budget exists. If the value does not commensurate the extent of the work, the editor should negotiate what he regards as value.

How are rates calculated? In this part the continent, rates are usually calculated either per word or pages, in addition to other factors that the project entails. However, a good starting point is to know that the industry standard page count for a manuscript is 250 words.

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