Looking Ahead

Keeping Standards: The SBMEN will maintain standards through the quality of its courses, events, resources, and facilitators that conduct its trainings.

Style guide: As part of its goal to promote excellence, SBMEN intends to create an online style guide on the standards of language and punctuation, including Pidgin English on how they are cited and written.

Accreditation: SBMEN is looking to become affiliated to a renowned global organisation in publishing with a recognisable Accreditation and Registration Board to offer accreditation exams to editors in Nigeria to become certified. This will expand opportunities for editors and validate their skills and capacity to work globally.

Online programmes: SBMEN is working to ensure its programmes can be accessed conveniently to suit the preferences of members. In the short to intermediate future, we will offer courses online.

Online Forum: SBMEN will create an online platform where members can interact and share ideas, and learn about new developments in the book and magazine sector and the global industry.

Mentoring programme: Mentoring is a fundamental part of developing one’s skill as an editor. SBMEN intends in the short-term future to launch a mentoring programme for editors looking for a personal way to grow.

Creating SBMEN chapters in other cities: As part of its goals, SBMEN will expand to other major cities in Nigeria to offer other editors access to its trainings, resources and events. More information on the cities will come soon.>