Thank you for your interest in joining the Society for Book and Magazine Editors of Nigeria, a professional and educational organisation that represents and supports aspiring and established editorial professionals. Please complete this form to apply for membership. We will also require additional documents to support your application.

Terms and conditions
The membership has a term of twelve months (one-year calendar) from 1 January to 31 December, regardless of when the individual joins. Members must renew their membership at the beginning of the calendar year. Applicants should check the website for the fees associated with their membership category they are interested in to make payment.

Membership benefits

  •  Access to a community of professional book and magazine editors;
  • Discounts on training workshops and networking events;
  • Opportunities to receive mentoring to increase competence;
  • Access to resources for continuing professional development and a quarterly magazine;
  • Access to job-listing directory and work with clients on projects;
  • Receive recognition and recommendations from reputed book and magazine publishing firms.


I. Personal Details


First name



Last name



Date of birth



Mobile number






Contact address


Social Media

Twitter handle


Instagram handle


Facebook handle



The details requested in the professional section below applies to those who work for organisations and those who are self-employed.

II. Professional Details


Company name



Job title



Work number



Contact address






State “Yes” or “No” to the following questions below. Answers as many below that apply to you. If you are not an editor yet, you may state the areas that interest you.  

III. Editorial Specialty

Fiction books


Non-fiction books


Academic/scientific journals, legal and medical publications


Newspaper and magazines


Blogs and websites




Others (please state them)



IV. Editorial Experience

Editorial type: (Tick as many boxes that relate to you)

Student editor

Developmental editor





Corporate professional        

No experience

If you answered, “corporate professional”, state the field.



Length of editorial experience



Author of any publications (if yes, state title(s) of publications) or publish a blog



Are you a member of any other professional associations? If yes, state the name of the association(s)?



If a student, what degree course?



If a student, which programme are you in?



The society offers four levels of membership listed below. State the one you are interested in. Refer to the society’s website to read more about the levels to guide your decision.

V. Membership Categories

Trainee Membership




Intermediate Membership



Advanced Membership



Professional Membership



VI. Supporting Documentation    

Please send the following additional documents listed below to support your application. This will be assessed and approved by the Committee on Admission and Membership, who oversees the admission and qualification of applicants into the society. Note that if you are unable to immediately provide the additional documents when submitting your form, you may submit your form first, and send the remaining documents within four (4) weeks of your submission. If the proper documentation is not supplied, your application will be delayed.

  • Brief profile
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Proof of enrolment in eligible course for students
  • Reference Letter 1 • Reference Letter 2 • Reference Letter 3
  • Passport photograph

VII. Membership Fees

Trainee Membership

N25, 000


Intermediate Membership


N30, 000


Advanced Membership


N40, 000


Professional Membership


N50, 000


Payment Method

Payment should be made to:

Society for Book and Magazine Editors of Nigeria

Zenith Bank Plc






As a member, you agree to the following:

  • To actively participate in required training workshops and professional events to build competency;
  • To commit to fulfilling continuous professional development activities and taking assessment examinations to progress through the membership levels;
  • To adhere to the best editorial practices in the performance of editorial services;
  • To commit to the highest standards of professional conduct and ethics in your relationship with clients;
  • To pay membership dues on time;
  • To be an advocate for SBMEN and promote its objectives.


Please append your signature (e-signature is acceptable) below to indicate you agree that you agree with the mandate and the information provided in this document is accurate to the best of your knowledge.








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