SBMEN resources comprise of our handbooks and guides to enhance editors’ professional development, our quarterly newsletter, Quality Revision, and our online style guide to assist writers and editors on the standards of language and punctuation.

Digital Books: These digital handbooks as they develop will aligned with our editorial curriculum. Subjects will focus on writing, business and editorial management among others such as editing, publishing, creative and business writing, business knowledge and related subjects that can help editors’ development. These handbooks are supplementary resources for both practicing and budding editors. These guides are been developed by professionals and will be available for sale in e-book PDF formats only on the website.

Newsletter: Our quarterly newsletter, Quality Revision will be available to members only. It will contain useful information for members who wish to stay informed on the industry, job listings and trends. It is also open for members who wish to advertise at good rates.

Online Style Guide: SBMEN first initiative is the creation of a Style Guide, which will be hosted online. It will contain recommendations on standard uses of language and style elements that are widely practiced in publishing. This guide will be based on UK English usage (RP), and Nigerian English. It will provide examples of how to cite references and use punctuations.

Online Directory: SBMEN directory will feature job listings for members to enhance their professional development, careers and businesses. This will be SBMEN accessible to members only.

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